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If this wasn’t captured on film I’d never believe it myself, or at least not the ferocity of it!

At last week’s Met Ball, the annual ball which formally marks the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s yearly Costume Institute exhibit, it appears from a leaked video doing the rounds on-line that Solange Knowles (a fav here at #BIOTB) flipped out on none other than her famous brother-in-law JayZ!

I doubt we’ll ever get to hear what the incident was about any time soon but from the footage it’s clear that Solo damn near lost it in that lift.

It’s never a great (nor bougie) look to have to be held back by security whilst kicking and punching, but when the person you’re trying to attack is your older sister’s husband (??) and in her presence!! Maaannnn that has all manner of ‘levels’ to it…

*pauses to sip tea*

Anyhoooo here’s the footage…

What would you have done if you were Bey?

What could Jay have done to make Solo so loco??

Is it just me or does BeyoncĂ©’s response or LACK THEREOF seem a bit off considering what’s going on???

#IGotQuestions #WhoHasAnswers??
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below… Oh and keep it #bougie 😉


Uncut footage from the lift:

So, Solo aka Solange Knowles performed yesterday at Coachella 2014 the 2-day music festival in California. As she came to the end of her set and whilst performing my current ringtone (lol!) her song ‘Losing You’ she was joined on stage by her big sister BeyoncĂ© for cute display of sisterly support.

Totally here for it! Her outro comments also made me smile. Solo is Trill!

Go Solo!

P.s. Apparently Bey was rocking Topshop 🙂

You know that chick, the one that looks on point literally everytime you see them, the one that seems to switch up her style so casually and always looks great…effortlessly, that one that makes you want to pull out the peruvian tracks and get some box braids [even though you know they’ll take 10 hours to put and you’ll be bored of them in 10 minutes]? Well for me Solange Knowles is that chick.

I don’t know if Solange has or uses a stylist officially or even unofficially but all I know is that whenever I see her in pictures she’s #winning in the style stakes. Afro or short cut hair, red carpet or dressed down, Solange’s looks all say minimal fuss but shout maximum confidence.

Her hair, her clothes, the accessories, the colours, her make-up, she rocks it all so insouciantly. That she manages to hold her own in the individuality stakes is another reason to give her props and see her as more than just “Bey’s little sister”.

Stylish Solange I say YES to all of this!!

Solange with boyfriend Alan Ferguson

THOSE box braids…

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