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I’m sorry, I don’t get it? What exactly is the meaning of this?? *straightens straight-laced skirt*  Let me get this straight, is the Dream really singing about dating/wifing/sexing an aspiring cocaine addict/crack fiend? Or is this “Dope B*tch” he sings of an allegory of the actual drug he’s on when producing this crap he likes to call music??!

I don’t even know where to begin with that video, or Pusha T’s tired braids *sighs* I mean really???

Look ladies trust me, there are far better ways of earning a trip to Isabel Marant than hiding drugs in your bra… (And just when exactly would that ever be a good idea?)

I really can’t deal with the f*ckery that this “song” represents; I want to know who’s claiming this nonsense as part of their culture? You people are just letting the whole side down, that includes me, and for that I am NOT happy.

Mr Nash Sir, you are simply going to have to do better.

Pusha T, take a leaf out of your brothers book and start doing better.


*hopes no one in the office stumbles upon this crap and relates it to me and mine*

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