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If you haven’t caught yourself singing or humming Pharrell Williams’ uplifting and infectious song ‘Happy’ yet I’m going to have to ask you to check your pulse to make sure you’re all the way human.

The song immediately brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it but when I stumbled upon this clip from the US talk-show host Ellen’s show it took the song to a whole new level for me.

The backstory to this is that a video of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir singing Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ was posted on-line a few weeks back which went viral, it eventually caught Ellen’s attention and she (doing what she does best) set up this great experience for the kids most of whom are poor, underprivileged and living at or on the poverty line in Detriot.

You’ve got to love Ellen (and Pharrell) for this one ūüôā

Was it just me or did it look like Pharrell was getting a bit choked up watching the kids perform?
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Happy Sunday

Bisous xox

P.s. wasn’t the kids reaction when the camera crew came in and then when they saw Pharrell in the studio with Ellen absolutely priceless?? *huge smile*

I know this message comes three days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! ūüôā

I won’t lie I’ve been so caught up in the festive period i.e. Christmas, celebrating the occasion with my family, catching up with friends (and myself), taking a breather from anything work related, that my laptop has hardly passed my fingertips!

Anyhow, I pray that this year will be a great one for whomever may be reading this. May you find peace, happiness and joy this year and beyond (and indeed in this blog ;)).

1 of 1 in fact

1 of 1 in fact

One of my resolutions this year is to¬†live¬†an even more¬†truer life, to embrace and¬†not shy away from¬†the me that¬†is me, be it good, bad¬†or ugly not so good because I am after all¬†Me. The simplicity yet¬†huge significance of the¬†statement “I am Me” is one which may well resonate with you straight away¬†or after some thought but I hope it does resonate simply because the truth of it is undeniable for¬†every single one¬†of us. The truth of it also offers a perfect platform to go on this year and beyond to¬†seize and create the life you want, the life which suits and nurtures your TRUEself. If you ask me, this¬†can only be done by starting from a foundation of knowing, accepting, embracing, understanding and celebrating the you that¬†YOU are.

Well, what are you waiting for? Lets go!!! xx

Stay #Bougie :*

P.s. What are your New Years Resolutions if any?

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