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I gotta thank Lupe Fiasco for this video and I say that because immediatly after watching it and digesting the lyrics to his track “Bitch Bad” I edited the word/phrase “bad-b*tch” / “bad bish” out of my personal lexicon.

I’ve read a lot of the discourse about whether Lupe, in appearing to dictate through this song and video that to be a lady is better than to be a b*tch, isn’t himself part of the so-called patriachial problem where men dictate and define women by their own standards and where the “definitions and parameters” they place upon women are fuelled and ostensibly influenced by “chauvinistic and opportunistic flavour”.

Personally I’m choosing not to overcomplicate matters, for me I watched the video and came to the conclusion that I don’t want to be a woman who defines her self or other women as a bad-b*tch/b*tches especially when the term suggests an assumption of certain values that in fact I don’t value at all.

Stay bougie xx


I’m sorry, I don’t get it? What exactly is the meaning of this?? *straightens straight-laced skirt*  Let me get this straight, is the Dream really singing about dating/wifing/sexing an aspiring cocaine addict/crack fiend? Or is this “Dope B*tch” he sings of an allegory of the actual drug he’s on when producing this crap he likes to call music??!

I don’t even know where to begin with that video, or Pusha T’s tired braids *sighs* I mean really???

Look ladies trust me, there are far better ways of earning a trip to Isabel Marant than hiding drugs in your bra… (And just when exactly would that ever be a good idea?)

I really can’t deal with the f*ckery that this “song” represents; I want to know who’s claiming this nonsense as part of their culture? You people are just letting the whole side down, that includes me, and for that I am NOT happy.

Mr Nash Sir, you are simply going to have to do better.

Pusha T, take a leaf out of your brothers book and start doing better.


*hopes no one in the office stumbles upon this crap and relates it to me and mine*

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