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I love to see women doing their thing and leading from the front! After the furore over the loss of London’s main black music radio Choice FM I’m glad to see that aside from the inevitable complaints and loud sighs someone has gone out there and done something to fill the gap Choice FM left behind. Well done Jennifer;
Sidenote: Me and Jennifer are from the same stables so I’m giving extra love for this!!
#BeyondBougie xox


So apparently this press release was an “April fools” prank *blank stare*

Can anyone enlighten me as to the point of this particular prank? I thought April Fools Day jokes were supposed to be funny or humorous?? If anyone can tell me the point of this particular one I’d love to hear about it….until then *Kanye shrug*

Let me know when to laugh...I'll wait...

Let me know when to laugh…I’ll wait…



Bang Radio Founder/CEO Jennifer Ogole Bang Radio Founder/CEO Jennifer Ogole

Founder and CEO of BANG Radio, Jennifer Ogole, officially launches Riddim Radio on 103.6 FM across London, and online via, becoming the first legal reggae and dancehall music station in the capital.

April marks what would have been BANG Radio’s 5th birthday, yet with the saturation of urban music in the British market, the team behind the community station brand have been working on bringing Caribbean sister station Riddim Radio to the UK.

Jennifer Ogole confirms:

“We are proud to announce a change in what was BANG Radio’s licence. We have been granted permission by Ofcom to amend our remit and champion reggae and dancehall from our home in Harlesden, North West London, finally shining a light on and representing a worldwide culture which has been gradually disappearing from British radio and deserves to have its own media platform in the UK.”

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Sooooooo, this is what we all held our collective breaths for huh…

Well what I can tell you is this, Beyoncé x 4 (or 7, or 8 or 9!!) + Pepsi = a completely underwhelmed me!

Yeah yeah yeah I know, yesterday I was all pumped up waiting, anticipating, trembling thinking we were getting a new track (not just a preview) complete with full video, or maybe an album tracklist… *sighs* Nope!

What we were served today after all that was an advert for a drink I don’t even like… and a mere 1 minute preview of a new track from Bey…. Boooooooooooooooooo!!!

We I want more!!!

*breathes* …C’mon Bey, how you gon’ play us like this?

Were you satisfied? Will this make you buy this brand of cola?? Does she comb her eyebrows like that or they just grow that way? I digress…

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

Forever yours.

The other #B 😉


Question: is it only me who is slightly irritated by the sudden rash of so-called ‘Harlem Shake video’s popping up on some social media sites; I don’t mean to sound like a bore (note: yes I do mean to and in fact I don’t care if I do) but I just don’t get the fad.

I don’t know when or where it started but all of a sudden everyone from UK soap ‘actors’ to sports figures to random members of the public have decided it would be fun/funny to shoot and post short videos of themselves jerking, writhing off-beat, masked and jumping around. *blinks* Ok so nudge me and let me know when to laugh-_-

Sadly I found myself watching some of the videos (willing one, just one of them to make me even just raise a smile). Anyhow what got on my nerves more than the fact that I didn’t find any of the videos funny, was that many of them were being described as “*insert name* does the Harlem Shake”. *looks quizzically to camera 1*

Now hold on just a….

I may not be a dance extraordinaire but I know my moves and I know that, whatever this foolery dance move is that I’m witnessing in these videos, it is NOT the Harlem shake!

Now I get that some of you may think that this is mere pedantry and might say it’s being called the Harlem Shake because of the line in the song, those who seem to have jumped on the bangwagon of the current “Harlem Shake” fad may argue that it’s all just a bit of fun, but my problem is – What about the real Harlem Shake?!

Are we just going to forget that a dance move called the Harlem Shake already developed, grew and still exists? Is that how it works nowadays, in with the new out with the old and forget it ever existed? No, nope, nu-uh!!

What kind of message were we putting out to ‘the old school’ (or should that be skool?) by simply allowing this young pretender of a craze just swoop in and act like it’s the real deal Holyfield?

All jokes aside I do take issue with the seemingly casual disregard of the real Harlem-shake by all these new so-called shakers; perhaps why it irks me is that it speaks volumes to me about the state of modern pop-culture where everything is looked at as being expendable, fads come and go without so much as a nod to their platforms of the past or a thought to the precedents that may be set for the future.

Misappropriating any art form be it (a) dance, music or a fashion or simply “creating” a new version of something which has no connection to its predecessor and without any acknowledgment, homage or credit being paid to its predecessor, if left to merely ‘slide’ (not to be confused with the ‘Electric Slide’) in my view sets a dangerous precedent for all things creative and artistic. Where do you draw the line?

Personally, as a discerning (and #bougie) consumer of ‘creativity’ and creative endeavours I want to know where to pay my due credit, financial or otherwise.

Tell them Jourdan


Update – What do you guys think of the points made by US host and author Prof Melissa Harris-Perry here:

The following is a true story…

One day I was using my phone, a Blackberry 9900 – Bold was her name. She was good at what she did, I liked her. I went to sleep that day and woke up the next. As was usual when I awoke I reached for my Bold, I wanted to find out how her night had been, what news she had for me, whether she was thirsty and needed some juice? When I found her she was off.This was unusual to me; since the very first day I got her and had switched her on I’d never again seen her off…lifeless. There was no red light and not even the neglectful signs of the green (I’m running really low) light. Without a moment’s hesitation I placed her on the charger and I’m sure I let out an only just audible sigh when the red light appeared…my day could now commence.

I showered, moisturised and ate but after that the urge was too much I needed to find out what was good in my [Bougie Chick] world, there were shops sites and blogs to trawl on the way in to work but for now had anyone pinged or called me during the night, who was up for cocktails after work, did I mention it was a Friday, that at least had to be announce on my BBM status?

I reached for Bold and pressed a button, any button, I can’t remember which, it’s not important, I knew what was supposed to happen, screen lights, action!




I would be lying if I said my heart rate didn’t increase ever so slightly at that point…to say it did would also be a lie, in truth my heart was by now pounding loudly in my chest. WTFIGO???

For all you non “strugglephone” users (**I can’t even remember who on Twitter coined the term “Strugglephone” but as soon as I read it, its absolute aptness struck me**) you may be wondering why the dramatic response to this seemingly trivial occurrence but you see that thought right there is what sets you apart from us, us being the Strugglephone users, #TeamBlackBerry, the remaining staunch (stupid??) supporters of RIM and the constant struggle that is the lifespan of the modern day Blackberry. Any surviving member of #TeamBlackBerry will tell you that the first signs of trouble with any BlackBerry and the death of said BlackBerry are very often one and the same occurrence. Any change in your BlackBerry’s behavioural habits in my (now solidified) experience usually means one thing: the end is near.

She had been flickering and freezing up lately, why had I not… I almost immediately tried to recollect the last time I had backed her up. (1)

I pressed the power button, heart racing, palms sweaty (I wish I was exaggerating), the blank screen persisted.

Dark blank screen. Cold, dark, blank screen…

The familiar “Strugglephone” cry

She was gone. I knew that in that very moment of blank screened persistence. I nearly cried a little before I went to a drawer to fish out the spare Nokia that I kept for emergencies such as this. When I opened the drawer I saw the ever obedient Nokia, poised, waiting for her chance to one again show me that although she was no longer the phone de jour she was reliable, she did what her makers said she would.

I could tell you here how if I had looked a bit deeper into that drawer there also lay another Berry, this one a Curve; the story of her gentle demise is a story for another day, another post *dabs eyes* maybe.

As for my Bold, my little Black-baby-Berry as she had been fondly known, my worst fears were later confirmed, for her the struggle was over. (For me days of real struggle, not least of the social kind, then ensued with the Nokia).

Baby-Berry went off to that phone heaven in the sky…and then one day, eventually, after an exhausting few days trying to remember how to do more than call on the damn Nokia my service provider sent me a new Baby. Same model, same features, same feel…and since an unfortunate incident involving a splash of vodka at the weekend, SAME PROBLEMS!!!

*Drops to knees and wails* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

How’s a chick like me supposed to survive this phone struggle-age?

*Walks away humming ‘We Shall Overcome’*

(1) **note to anyone that cares: I soon recalled I had never actually backed her up…several irreplaceable contacts were lost forever**

What’s your #strugglephone story?

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