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This is why I’ll always love Naomi.

She kept it classy whilst throwing first class supermodel shhhhhhhhade when asked by one of the host’s of Australia’s “This Morning” show what she thought of Kim and Kanye’s US Vogue cover.
I love that she also managed to point out that she’s been in the modelling game for 28 years…Hold on Kimye, I’m gonna let you finish but…Let me repeat that figure T W E N T Y – E I G H T Y E A R S!! *stamps foot like a preacher*

Oh and of course I also love her for this:

Naomi Campbell Vogue Paris 1990

Naomi Campbell – Vogue Paris 1990

And this:

Naomi Campbell Spanish Vogue 2004

Naomi Campbell Vogue Spain 2004

And this:

Naomi Campbell Vogue Brazil circa 2005

Naomi Campbell Vogue Brazil circa 2005

And this:

Naomi Campbell Vogue Russia 2008

Naomi Campbell Vogue Russia 2008

And this:

Naomi Campbell Vogue Japan 2011

Naomi Campbell Vogue Japan 2011

They don’t call Ms Campbell a SUPERmodel for nothing!!

I’m going to stop now… but not before I post this:

Anna did what??

Anna did what??

Which is the face I imagine Naomi had when she first heard of the Kimye cover lol!

Looking at all these covers I think Naomi definitely deserves a “Yes To All Of This” post… (coming soon 😉 )

Soooo…Do you think Kim or ‘Kimye’ deserved the coveted cover of Vogue Magazine? Did Anna Wintour drop the ball on this one or do you think the cover’s hashtag of ‘#WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE’ is accurate and rightly earned Kanye and Kim this prized position?

Have you cancelled your subscriptions for the fashion bible that is Vogue or did you run out and try to lay hands on a copy?

Let me know below.

Bisous xox

I absolutely love this refix of Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ big band style!

A lot of commenters on YT are saying the song and Gatti’s voice reminds them of Amy Winehouse, style wise I have to agree but personally I think Amy’s voice had a richer, more soul-laden tone.
(Full disclosure: as an Amy “stan” and fellow North Londoner and I fully accept the possibility for bias in this opinion!)

What do you think of the refix? Gatti’s good no?

Funnily enough hearing it had me reaching for my ‘Back to Black’ album, deluxe edition obvs. (R.I.P. Amy)


This, this and more of this!!
Inspiration literally personified.

The 7th annual Essence Magazine Black Women in Hollywood luncheon took place just over a week ago on Thursday 27th February at the Beverly Hills hotel in L.A.

I love that Essence Magazine created a platform / event such as this to celebrate black women’s achievements in the entertainment industry. Just watching the coverage on-line (the event is not televised) and also watching the speeches of the award winners of the day I feel supremely inspired and motivated as well as proud of my fellow black women and all they do and continue to do in their respective industries.

I know that some people still question why or whether we need colour specific platforms like this one when we are all apparently supposed to be “post-racial” and at a time when black people/women are apparently no longer being ignored by the merit-ascribing-ocracy; a case in point might be said to be the fact that Lupita Nyong’o was awarded the Best Breakthrough Performance Award for her role as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 12 years a Slave at the Essence Luncheon; her performance in that film then won her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar at the Academy Awards less than a week later. Continue reading

Question: is it only me who is slightly irritated by the sudden rash of so-called ‘Harlem Shake video’s popping up on some social media sites; I don’t mean to sound like a bore (note: yes I do mean to and in fact I don’t care if I do) but I just don’t get the fad.

I don’t know when or where it started but all of a sudden everyone from UK soap ‘actors’ to sports figures to random members of the public have decided it would be fun/funny to shoot and post short videos of themselves jerking, writhing off-beat, masked and jumping around. *blinks* Ok so nudge me and let me know when to laugh-_-

Sadly I found myself watching some of the videos (willing one, just one of them to make me even just raise a smile). Anyhow what got on my nerves more than the fact that I didn’t find any of the videos funny, was that many of them were being described as “*insert name* does the Harlem Shake”. *looks quizzically to camera 1*

Now hold on just a….

I may not be a dance extraordinaire but I know my moves and I know that, whatever this foolery dance move is that I’m witnessing in these videos, it is NOT the Harlem shake!

Now I get that some of you may think that this is mere pedantry and might say it’s being called the Harlem Shake because of the line in the song, those who seem to have jumped on the bangwagon of the current “Harlem Shake” fad may argue that it’s all just a bit of fun, but my problem is – What about the real Harlem Shake?!

Are we just going to forget that a dance move called the Harlem Shake already developed, grew and still exists? Is that how it works nowadays, in with the new out with the old and forget it ever existed? No, nope, nu-uh!!

What kind of message were we putting out to ‘the old school’ (or should that be skool?) by simply allowing this young pretender of a craze just swoop in and act like it’s the real deal Holyfield?

All jokes aside I do take issue with the seemingly casual disregard of the real Harlem-shake by all these new so-called shakers; perhaps why it irks me is that it speaks volumes to me about the state of modern pop-culture where everything is looked at as being expendable, fads come and go without so much as a nod to their platforms of the past or a thought to the precedents that may be set for the future.

Misappropriating any art form be it (a) dance, music or a fashion or simply “creating” a new version of something which has no connection to its predecessor and without any acknowledgment, homage or credit being paid to its predecessor, if left to merely ‘slide’ (not to be confused with the ‘Electric Slide’) in my view sets a dangerous precedent for all things creative and artistic. Where do you draw the line?

Personally, as a discerning (and #bougie) consumer of ‘creativity’ and creative endeavours I want to know where to pay my due credit, financial or otherwise.

Tell them Jourdan


Update – What do you guys think of the points made by US host and author Prof Melissa Harris-Perry here:

Who can pass on my b*tch-slap to #RobTheKnob Rob Kardashian for me? Someone? Anyone?? *looks around*

There has to be something seriously wrong in the world, nay the universe when a “man” takes to his nearly 4-million following Twitter page to publicly disparage, and COMPLETELY disgrace his ex-girlfriend in the way this loser of ginormous proportions (that would be Rob Kardashian) did today.

I don’t know what took over Rob Kardashian’s mind when he took to tweeting the following:


But what followed next was a real time illustration of the mean side of pop culture commentary and the intersection between male celebrity dicta and the misogynistic contemptuous view many are only too keen demonstrate they hold towards women and in particular female celebrities.

Whilst Rob pondered just how many men Rita may choose to sleep with now they were officially over and with no response whatsoever from Rita and an all but pointless chiding from his big sister Khloe, ‘Rita Whora’ became a trending topic in the Twittersphere.

Yep that’s right, because Rob-presumed scorned-Kardashian says Rita was a cheater and added an apparently arbitrary man count to the comment, suddenly thousands of ‘sheeple’ without a moments hesitation label her a whore. A whore? Let me get this straight…a whore?

Wait, am I missing something here? What in the sexual judgement f*ckery…??? *catches self* Please excuse me….but for real have people now become reality TV Zombies who are so far under the spell of these so-called “celebrities” and so far up their asses that at the mere drop of a tweet thousands of ‘sheeple’ are willing to go HAM on the reputation of 22 year old girl/young woman without so much as a moments reflection, question, discussion?

I have so many problems with this I hardly know where to begin. Do I start by pointing out the obvious, that being the freedom Rita Ora has to decide what she does with her body? Which means that if she wanted to chop/screw/sleep with 20,000 men in whatever space of time that she may manage that is completely no-one’s business but her own; who are we to  label it?

Or do I start by asking what part of Rob’s ‘revelation’, were it even true, actually makes Rita a “whore” rather than say a young woman finding or indeed losing herself sexually, or a young woman who finds herself “looking for ‘love’ in all the wrong places”, or even just a young woman discovering what her own personal sexual rules and regulations are?

Whatever the case may be, the ‘Rita Whora’ Twitter episode was majorly disappointing to me because it seems to confirm that we still live in an age where if a woman’s sexual activities fall outside of the bounds of somebody else’s (usually a man’s) standards of acceptable sexual behaviour she’ll almost routinely be labelled with some (sexually) derogatory name; more fool me for expecting that this new-fangled platform of Twitter would be a place where such old-fashioned thinking would lose its currency.

Let me know when we can start to do better…

Thoughts? Let me know below.

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