Who can pass on my b*tch-slap to #RobTheKnob Rob Kardashian for me? Someone? Anyone?? *looks around*

There has to be something seriously wrong in the world, nay the universe when a “man” takes to his nearly 4-million following Twitter page to publicly disparage, and COMPLETELY disgrace his ex-girlfriend in the way this loser of ginormous proportions (that would be Rob Kardashian) did today.

I don’t know what took over Rob Kardashian’s mind when he took to tweeting the following:


But what followed next was a real time illustration of the mean side of pop culture commentary and the intersection between male celebrity dicta and the misogynistic contemptuous view many are only too keen demonstrate they hold towards women and in particular female celebrities.

Whilst Rob pondered just how many men Rita may choose to sleep with now they were officially over and with no response whatsoever from Rita and an all but pointless chiding from his big sister Khloe, ‘Rita Whora’ became a trending topic in the Twittersphere.

Yep that’s right, because Rob-presumed scorned-Kardashian says Rita was a cheater and added an apparently arbitrary man count to the comment, suddenly thousands of ‘sheeple’ without a moments hesitation label her a whore. A whore? Let me get this straight…a whore?

Wait, am I missing something here? What in the sexual judgement f*ckery…??? *catches self* Please excuse me….but for real have people now become reality TV Zombies who are so far under the spell of these so-called “celebrities” and so far up their asses that at the mere drop of a tweet thousands of ‘sheeple’ are willing to go HAM on the reputation of 22 year old girl/young woman without so much as a moments reflection, question, discussion?

I have so many problems with this I hardly know where to begin. Do I start by pointing out the obvious, that being the freedom Rita Ora has to decide what she does with her body? Which means that if she wanted to chop/screw/sleep with 20,000 men in whatever space of time that she may manage that is completely no-one’s business but her own; who are we to  label it?

Or do I start by asking what part of Rob’s ‘revelation’, were it even true, actually makes Rita a “whore” rather than say a young woman finding or indeed losing herself sexually, or a young woman who finds herself “looking for ‘love’ in all the wrong places”, or even just a young woman discovering what her own personal sexual rules and regulations are?

Whatever the case may be, the ‘Rita Whora’ Twitter episode was majorly disappointing to me because it seems to confirm that we still live in an age where if a woman’s sexual activities fall outside of the bounds of somebody else’s (usually a man’s) standards of acceptable sexual behaviour she’ll almost routinely be labelled with some (sexually) derogatory name; more fool me for expecting that this new-fangled platform of Twitter would be a place where such old-fashioned thinking would lose its currency.

Let me know when we can start to do better…

Thoughts? Let me know below.