Everything about this picture is giving me life right now

The hair, the make-up, that table, those earring and that gorgeous poodle! Ms Washington is excuding all kinds of bad-ass beauty whilst sitting pretty in this photograph taken by Mark Seliger for Italian Vogue recently. Whilst her slight frame in the picture may suggest vulnerability, maaaaaan when you look at those heavily kholed her eyes and that deep v-neck you know that this woman here is telling you that she is completely in control of her beauty and she can and will silently slay any man or woman that fails to recognise!!

Anyway what really drew my attention to the feature on Ms Washington was this extract [from Vouge.com]:

“Kerry Washington began reflecting on the concept of identity when she was a little girl. The thirty-five-year-old actress from New York, known in Europe for having played the role of the wife of the musician Ray Charles in the film “Ray” and of the Uganda dictator Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland”, lived in the Bronx when the area was still synonymous with decay, crime and drugs. But every day she commuted to Manhattan, where she studied at one of the most exclusive schools of the Upper East Side thanks to a study grant.”

And look at her now…. Like I’ve always said, your background and where you start off in life is no bar to your future, your destination, fulfilling your dreams or your desires. Whatever you want, whatever you feel you deserve, keep striving for it and ignore anyone who tries to tell you you are not worthy. The beautiful Kerry Washington continues to transcended her humble beginnings and in my book that means I give a certified yes to ALL of this! *waves hand excitedly at own blog post*

Let me know if you agree. And stay bougie 😉 xx

Sidenote: She’s 35?? W-o-w!