Ok, so this is the kind of ish that really earns me a bad rep. I mean I thought was amongst friends, people who know how I get down, what I do and don’t do, where I draw that line…

Let me get into this… Now I’m not saying I’m a label slave but I do have set standards, standards that I don’t really like to deviate from; and you know the thing about my friends is that they know me, or so thought!

Its Sunday, Sunday afternoon and I’m at a friends house for Sunday dinner. (Yumm!) She’s cooked, I bought dessert and we are waiting on another friend who’s bringing the drinks, the beverages, more specifically the wine.

Now I try not to drink too much on a Sunday and so I requested lemonade to make a spritzer mix with my wine (I don’t do Soda spritzers). I wasn’t expecting any handmade special ish, just some regular, RECOGNISED brand of lemonade. I would have settled for good ol’ 7Up, Sprite, R White’s….

Anyway the friend, MY friend, walks through the door carrying an absolute abomination wrapped inside a carrier bag of sacrilege. She walks in and sets to mixing me a white wine spritzer using, hold up, what is that? Best-In?? *pause* *blink*

WhereTheySellThatAt?? And ‘Best in’ what exactly??!

WTSTA?? (Where They Sell That At??)

Best in what???


#IDid >.<

I never want to experience that trash again! Ever… *walks away real bougie like shaking my head*

Dinner was good though 🙂